Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November 2011

People always ask me to say how it went in India and what it is like. It is a country of opposites, of beauty and of misery, of joy and heartache. maybe a poem may help give shape to my feelings


        Oh India, bright coloured places
        Saris, gold bracelets, smiling faces
        Butterfly wings, dazzling hues
        Ant like industry, miracle moves
        Slow trains, fast planes, heavy bags
        Hurry, curry, stomach sags
        Bangs, whistles, Divali eruption
        Bribes, jibes,
        Market corruption                                
        Hollywood, Bollywood, T20 six
        Tipples, cripples, beggars mix
        Tawdy, gawdy plastic idols
        Charms, harms demonic bridles
        Glorious sunsets, blackest night

                Oh India you're in my prayer today and I believe
                A page is turned, post is burned
                What glory, a story of lost returned
                Once dead, God's will is read and now alive
                Millions helpless for those we strive
                God's power for this hour - Oh church awake
                And welcome India's king - his bride to take

November diary dates:

5th - 6th November weekend with City Church - Bristol

13th -  Speaking at Citygate Church - Romans 11

17th -  Newfrontiers Training summit

18th -20th South & West Regional Leaders weekend - Taunton

27th Speaking at Citygate Church - Romans 12

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