Tuesday, 10 April 2012

April update

The Aveleda gardens are a joyful exploration of azalea lined pathways, sculptures, ponds and tranquillity. Any visit finishes on a balcony overlooking their vineyards and a free wine and cheese tasting extravaganza. You have to taste and see.

Our second Iberian Conference was a taste and see what the Lord has done. Around 200 gathered from all over Spain and Portugal for worship and teaching from leaders literally from around the world (Portugal, UK, Mexico and Spain). A panoramic prophetic landscape for change in these nations was both spoken of and prayed for, am increasing sense of God transforming the spiritual dry deserts into a well watered garden and the dry bones of religion being summoned into a mighty army for God.

It was brilliant, humbling, exciting and robust. God is doing great things in our church plants in Porto, Madrid and SAS like pioneers are gathering for purpose.

Highlights of the conference for me were:

  • Our first convert in Porto
  • Wedding bells for two couples this year
  • Jessica's cooking
  • Fellowship with leaders over roast pig
  • Trilingual worship
  • The beautiful host church at Penafiel
  • Many children

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