Friday, 15 February 2013

The Circus

I can remember my first circus trip and the excitement together with the amazing smells of the candy floss stalls mixing with those of big animals I had never seen before. Elephants and lions, funny clowns and brightly coloured ladies. One thing I was not prepared for were the trapeze artists high in the canopy walking tightropes and hurling themselves between swinging bars. It thrilled my childish heart.

I don’t think I have witnessed greater aerial displays until these past years and months reading Christian articles on key biblical doctrine with leaders swinging on a strong hermeneutical principle suddenly launching themselves across a yawning chasm to miraculously end on the opposite side. So called Gay marriage, Evolution, Propitiation, heaven and hell to name but a few. Doctrine seen as some dinosaur, and those who peddle its wares as elephants attempting to cross the hire wire to the boos and ridicule of the media and sometimes the faithful. We live in the age of soundbites, tweets, and caricature which does not allow time for genuine dialogue and serious biblical exegesis.  Our churches are emptying and biblical exposition handed to the clowns or jugglers more interested to entertain than challenge.

So our society crumbles, the solid walls of marriage are cracking, the doors of privacy and intimacy wrenched from their hinges, and windows that allow God's light to enter are boarded up in the guise of political correctness, and people ask where will it all end? I believe it is to apostolic doctrine we must return to understand the true nature of our problems i.e. the foundations. Psalm 11 v 3, "when the foundations are being destroyed what can the righteous do?" The very beginning of every building and that which is hidden to human eye and costly to procure - foundations.

In the beginning God, (Gen 1:1), in the beginning was the Word (John 1 v 1), sin entered the world through one man (Rom 5 v 12), Adam was formed first then Eve (1 Tim 2 v 13), after He had provided purification for sins, He sat down (Hebrews 1 v 3)! The atonement with Christ the cornerstone, an immovable huge rock that trips us, stumbles all human pride and on which we either reject or build and shape our lives. We must get back to our roots, back to biblical beginnings, believing every human problem and evil is at root a theological issue. Genesis the book of beginnings trusted and built upon. The atonement, justification, and propitiation are doctrines to believe and kneel before rather than swing from the high bar of the latest circus and wow crowds in a triple hermeneutical somersault! 

I am longing for a generation that will say enough is enough, the Emperor has no clothes, for preachers who will begin with this age old foundation and cornerstone to build glorious churches with leaders who will turn from the fickle circus crowds approval and show themselves work men (and women) who do not need to be ashamed and who correctly handle the word of truth.

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