Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Does God have a watch?

Time flies I hear you cry, like wispy clouds across the sky,
Dreamy slow, then cirrus fast, warm summer breeze, cold winter blast.
Children captivated by animal forms, that  lovers ignore on green summer lawns,
Grandparents kicking through winters leaves, one fighting cancer, the other grieves.

Time flies I hear you cry, onward its march, no mortal defy.
Seasons of war, moments of peace, despotic dictators, empires cease.
All In a moment, the herald proclaims, we are at war, now amnesty reigns,
History records time’s gravity pull, this moment, no practice, embracing us all.

Time flies I hear you cry, in one direction the hours fly,
Big Ben chimes out another year, hopes and dreams, with smiles, a tear.
We long for a break, a TV remote, a pause, rewind, just time to note,
All of the changes in family, with friends, we’re just getting started, no talking of end.

Time flies I hear you cry, and what of God beyond our sky?
A watchmaker unseen, bent to His task, with cogs and small springs, biology masks.
A world full of rush, like ants in a nest, striving for more, hoping for best,
The maker forgotten, the windings threadbare, His handiwork busy, not sensing His care.

Time flies I hear you cry, we've each grown old, so soon we'll fly,
God's perfect timing without delay, a thousand years is like a day,
Scientists, paleontologists, geologists all, piecing the jigsaw, ignoring our fall,
God the creator, infinite trinity, His time piece settings, a watch of infinity.

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