Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20th April 2011

Almost every conversation I have at the moment brings up the word transition.
Transition is a word that speaks of the process of change, like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

The recent hard winter transitions to warm spring days, children transition from spotty teenagers into delightful fun friends around the family table.

Transition is also a vulnerable time when we can fear the future or doubt the necessary process of change.

My personal prayers for the next month would be to pray for key transitional moments with times of encountering God, where we have heavens encouragements of 'it seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit'.

In particular pray for:
  • The Easter weekend- for many people to come into churches and hear the good news of the gospel and experience their own transition- a life changed - from salvery to freedom - adopted into Christ - a new creation

  • The  South and West Regional all together at Westpoint on 28th April.  For the transition to over 2000 people at Westpoint in the summer - which will be our best 'Together' so far. For another 1000 to book in by June. For me, Terry Virgo, Jeremy Simpkins and John Groves - who will be speaking at Westpoint in August - that these messages will be truly cohesive and life changing
  • Elders away days 3rd and 4th May. Gods hand has been so upon the church these last 4 months with many more people to care for, disciple and add to our membership. pray for grace in each of my elders to transition in their own roles and my leadership of this team

  • Prayer and Fasting. This will be our last Prayer and fasting before the final 'Together on a Mission' in Brighton. Pray for the prophetic gift to be in abundance, a spirit of unity to characterise this key transitional time for the International and UK apostles


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