Friday, 27 May 2011

June 2011

Just spent £150 on a pair of glasses which have  Polaroid lenses built in.


Good question.

Because I am told as a fisherman you can see what lies beneath. To see the hidden life and opportunities few others see.

For me, this means living in the prophetic. One of the opportunities this month is to host our first Iberian Peninsula leaders conference because I believe these nations are ready in God for a massive breakout.

The same is true as I visit key churches and sit with UK apostles at the end of the month and even thinking of Westpoint and the thousands I am praying will be there.

Thanks for your prayers and join me in asking God for the clear vision and miraculous catch

Your friendly fisherman

Diary dates

5th June  Speaking at Citygate church continuing the series in Romans

11th - 13th June -- Iberian Peninsula Leaders Conference

15th - 16th June meeting with the UK team and younger leaders

19th June Speaking at Grace Church Chichester

26th June Speaking at Citygate church Bournemouth

29th June meeting with Elders at City Church Bristol

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