Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Iberian Peninsula

'From the ends of the earth we hear singing
Glory to the righteous one' Isaiah 24 v 16

Just return from our first Iberian conference  held in Portugal. Close to 200 people gathered from Madrid, Valencia, the South of Spain, Algarve, Porto and Penafiel and churches in the north of Portugal.

It was an exceptional time, beyond anything I had imagined.

It was amazing to:

-  hear the supernatural stones of God's great unfolding purposes in these nations,

- to be moved to tears at the faithfulness and courage of previous generations - and now to see new foot soldiers from the UK

- to be stirred in faith to see God's hand moving in a new way.

Teaching over the weekend was on Gods word, his spirit and the great expanding mission to reach cities in Iberia. There are 71 cities with over 100,000 population and we are currently in 3 of them.

Perhaps the highlight for me was the Sunday morning meeting where the Holy Spirit came in such power as we focused on the Valley of Dry Bones and cried out for bones to come together.

The icing on the cake was to set in a new Elder in Penafiel and see someone born again.

God is doing something remarkable in theses nations

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