Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rio de Janeiro

So the last leg of our South America missionary journey brings us to Rio - a city surrounded by mountains and with a beautiful harbour.   John and Flor Evans met us and took us for steak dinner then a small walk on the island they live on.  On Sunday we met as church, Rio Vivo, a great group of almost 20 people  passionately worshiping with some great gift contributions.  It felt full of  life and I really enjoyed speaking.  Afterwards we had a wonderful BBQ at Jonathan and Becky's and then were taken to the oldest favela in Rio! These shanty like developments are all along the mountains surrounding Rio and are often controlled by drug barons carrying guns.   Luke and Luis's home was right in the middle of this particular favela and certainly was a "city set upon a hill"!  Very inspiring and moving to see them touching so much need. 

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