Monday, 13 April 2015

The power of creation

The Easter holiday was coming up fast and a week at home was something I was looking forward to. I love the garden at this time of year, and a grotty area in front of the garage filled with old plastic containers got my pulse racing. So a week of trips to the dump, followed by digging post holes through tarmac to the back breaking work of patio slabs and lugging gravel have all brought transformation. Today we look out upon a restful seating area with bird and insect boxes, all created in a week’s hard work and winter months of imagination!

To create is to touch the divine, and remind ourselves that we are made in His image. God rejects the cookie cutter approach with mankind, flowers, butterflies and yes, even snow-flakes! No heavenly factory mass production line where everyone looks the same, speaks the same language and laughs at the same jokes.

Yet strangely our Western world is losing its diverse predilections. We dress from the same few shops, eat mass-produced ready meals, robotically play the same computer games with a billion others. Our homes are straight from a catalogue. Perfection in cardboard boxes ready for self-assembly and all you need is a screwdriver.

No, making stuff is the release of the real you. It may be digging a new border and planting it with fruit trees, painting a picture, making a mosaic from discarded tiles or cooking a squirrel stew. It brings you in touch with hidden talents, it produces something unique in this world - imperfect certainly - but a one off. To write, draw, paint, make and create is to produce something, no matter how small, that never existed in the world before you made it. It is to touch the power of the creator who fashions a stunning universe and brilliant creation each day before our eyes. It is to remind ourselves that we too are being shaped and fashioned by the creator throughout our lives, to be made ready for eternity. 

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