Wednesday, 4 May 2016

More blessed to give than to receive

Well known parts of the bible bounce around our minds like confetti on a windy day and can be quoted at key moments of confusion or difficulty.

Recently I found the words of Jesus “it is more blessed to give than receive” tripping off my tongue. I caught them, stopped and reflected asking myself “is this true of my life”? Would I rather give £1000 or receive £1000?

No brainer.

What about forgiveness, would I rather someone apologise to me or I apologise to them?

Even something as simple as encouragement! Do I go to church hoping some keen believer will say something kind and encouraging to me, “great preach last Sunday”, or do I come prepared to speak these life words to my brothers and sisters.

The U.K. society is fragmented, marriages break down, close friends leave and abandon or just plain overlook the other.  

Churches can easily fail in this area of building community because all too often we demand more from others than we are willing to invest. Like the banking world we want friendship prosperity but because of our massive demands and unrealistic expectations of others these friendships are destined for meltdown and bankruptcy .

Tragically members make their way to the exit or sit forlorn on the” lonely step”!

In the Christian family, the church, we need to rehearse with faith that “it is more blessed to give than receive”.

This alone has the power to revolutionise our churches in Commission. Every member coming to community group and Sunday's with a bag full of gifts, words of encouragements, cards, groceries,  presents and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We work hard and sacrifice to make sure others know they are loved, valued and needed.

Don't wait for someone to leave before thanking them or asking them over for dinner, you be the blessing.

It is more blessed to give than receive, chew on this.

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