Monday, 13 June 2016

Let's fly higher

I remember my first Stoneleigh bible week as though it were yesterday. The sense of joy, excitement on the car journey there, the awe at endless rows of tents, caravans and banners announcing a church's name, it really felt like, “terrible as an army with banners” from Song of Songs.  My highlights were the big meetings, thousands packed into cow sheds worshipping, listening and open to heaven. 
Lives were changed, we fell over and laughed in the Holy Spirit's presence, we saw miracle after miracle. Amazing times!

Westpoint does the same number on me every time I arrive on site, 50 plus churches with their tents, flags and banners, rooting us back to our Newfrontiers history but also our faith history, “living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, heirs with him in the same promise”. Hebrews 11: 9.
Westpoint reminds us of our history, it encourages and facilitates outworking community and it aligns us to God’s big plans for the world around us and for each believer and each church. 

Everyone gets to be blessed, from the youngest child who gets wonderfully saved or a 7 year old who steps out in a spiritual gift, the teenagers hearing God for a nation, the parents surrounded by loving friends with Godly counsel and the over 70’s hearing God has a new adventure for their lives. 

Last year Westpoint finished with a prophetic encouragement as churches and a movement to fly (like the Red Arrows) without limits, to soar, to spiral and to link up in new formations as the Holy Spirit directs. 

I am praying for an incredible move of the Holy Spirit at Westpoint 2016, more power, more healings, more unity and great prophetic clarity as I share about  'Truth to Tell' about sight and the local church. 

This is a wonderful time for us all to come to be a blessing as well as be blessed. Please don't miss it, come expecting great things from God so we might attempt great things for God.

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  1. Guy, I have been to Stoneleigh. Was 1991. First time on the journey there that I heard TOUCHING THE FATHER'S HEART series, and was great. Loved this post. Contact me via